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I picked places we had been or pictures that look like places we would want to be.  I have decided that I am going to try to add special things to our home,  not just “clutter and stuff”.  But I want to seek out items that have a personal connection.  Which leaves me a lot of wall space and often in a “needle in the haystack” search for just the right thing.


To see your vision come to life is a God given talent, and you embrace that so beautifully.  I knew I wanted to purchase one of your watercolors, I just couldn’t decide which one! The way you describe the location, what you saw, what you felt, your just drew me right into the scene with you...I love scenery that takes me there without having to be there, & because it was the beach, were just a few reasons why I chose this one.  I love the beach, yet I haven’t been to Hawaii. So it took me there. 


You beautifully capture scenes from my heart. And they are small enough to fit in my limited space. I have a personal connection with every piece of art I have purchased, and you are that connection. I cherish that. 


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