Life & Relationship

Life and Relationship
That deep abiding presence with God gives us our ability to have deep abiding relationship with others. To see them, to understand, to know their struggles and their shattered dreams, to hold their hand and lend an ear, to cry with them and pray together that God will restore. He is so faithful to keep His promises, and when they happen slower than we would like it’s sometimes hard to trust Him. When our heart holds onto the things of death, He still offers up the promises and desires in that spur us on toward the goal, the mark, the prize. Along the journey we have small victories and crushing falls, yet we need not be ashamed as we rise up again like a toddler learning to walk or a kiddo learning to ride a will not break our soul.
Learning to trust our Heavenly Father, our Dad, crying out to Him and sitting up in His lap to talk, laughing at the hilarious moments and marveling at His goodness, this relationship cultivated over time is the only one that truly brings us to the core of those desires and dreams we have been waiting for all of our lives. All the good things yet to come are held in hope as we humble ourselves so He can set us free from the identity that once was...making all things new is a process of waiting and trusting. That proverbial boiling pot that brings up the dross...He is faithful to make us pure, just as gold refined by fire.
And then one day there it is, all of the promises possible, all the hopes fulfilled, all of the dreams in our midst, and the peace that passes all understanding shouts a grateful praise to the One that has made it all possible and brought in the New Year of Life Abundant.
Amen and amen Lord, thank you for the path that brings us to You.
“Life came into being because of him, for his life is light for all humanity. And this Living Expression is the Light that bursts through gloom— the Light that darkness could not diminish!”
‭‭John‬ ‭1:4-5‬ ‭TPT‬‬

“A thief has only one thing in mind—he wants to steal, slaughter, and destroy. But I have come to give you everything in abundance, more than you expect —life in its fullness until you overflow!”
‭‭John‬ ‭10:10‬ ‭TP

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