More Kymberli...

Hello to you!  I’m Kymberli, I live in San Antonio, Texas, and I am a self-taught watercolor artist...which means I’ve taken some classes and practiced a lot.  I’m going to do my best to share a little about me, and then get on to the way more important part of this page...which is all about YOU!

Epiphany Day 2020 kicked off with one of my own ‘Aha!’ moments as I turned 50 and had this gnawing feeling I couldn’t do life the same way anymore. The weeks preceding this milestone birthday had been filled with imaginations of me as an old lady in a hospital bed deeply regretting that I hadn’t done the ‘one thing’ I had desired to do since childhood...become a professional watercolor artist.  It was time to stop allowing my fears to hold back my dreams.  I have journeyed through some really dark rough years in this life and have come out on the other side having learned the most important things: God is always there, the heartbreaking things never turn out anywhere near as horrible as I thought they would, and my worst moments have proven that the grace of God loves to cover our impossibilities with miracles. 

Life wasn’t always what it is today, which is why I am so abundantly grateful for promises and good gifts.  I am married to the love of my life...after Jesus, my husband is my very best friend, and over 10 years later we are even more excited about our life together (and we still drive the 9yo crazy smooching all the!).  We have made it through the ‘worse’ years and are definitely savoring the ‘better’ years of life we have been given.  Together we have learned to enjoy the journey and savor every moment.  I have three wonderful adult children and the most amazing ‘Little Surprise’, who has kept us young and vibrant when we thought we would be chillin’ by now.  We have a hilarious double doodle named Jersey, who loves playing hide and seek, meeting all the people, and swimming in any body of water...even though he apparently can’t swim.  I truly have the most encouraging sister-friends that I could not do life without, and a family that exhibits what family should be.  

For the last 5 years I have served in a beautiful ministry helping women heal from the aftermath of abuse, and I teach public elementary school art to some incredibly talented kiddos! 


We love traveling, camping, kayaking, fishing, sitting with our toes in the sand - basically anywhere we can get outside so my guys can fish and I can paint en plein air is the perfect day!  Our biggest dream is to buy an Airstream and set out in wanderlust like nomads exploring the nation, visiting all of the national parks and experiencing God’s awe-inspiring majesty. The guys can do school and explore while I paint outside every single day and bring God’s beautiful creation into your home. 


As I began taking my first steps into making my watercolor art available publicly I had YOU in mind.  I posted an index card on my bathroom mirror to help remind me every day WHY I was going to face my fears and scoot my big toe forward.  It is still hanging there today, and it says, “Share God visually, His Spirit speaking to hearts through art.” 


I desire for every single watercolor to be so much more than a painting.  Whether painted outside en plein air or in the studio at the same drafting table my mom used to draw house plans on my entire life, each piece begins with prayer over a blank 100% cotton sheet of paper.  My mom taught me that praying over the work, and inviting God in before the work begins, ushers in the beauty of unexpected surprises for us as much as our customers.  While I’m painting the room is filled with beautiful songs of praise and worship, keeping my heart in a place of connection and flow with our Creator as He continues to create through these hands...all with the intention of preparing a work of art that will be a blessing to all.  


I believe our homes are the place of love and safety, so the art that hangs on our walls should be filled with images that evoke a sense of peace and inner reflection.  Art that takes us away to places of tranquility, vivid imagination, joyful memories, places we long to go - where we feel like we are there, and a sudden rush of life bursts forth from within, full of hope and belief for the impossible. 


Art has a way of speaking to us far beyond what our eyes can comprehend.  I hope above all things that I am able to humbly bring glory to God in all I do, that you might be pleased with Him and know Him above all else.  May you find the beauty of the Creator and bask in the love of His presence.  


Watercolor art that is so much more than a painting...