More Illustration...

 This year I was asked by my best friend, Christine Jackson, to illustrate her debut children’s book, “My Dandelion Journey”.  I was so honored (and a little terrified)!  

As I embarked on this journey into the unknown world of illustration, aka painting ‘people’, I prayed all the prayers!  I so greatly desired to have the ability to create art that would fulfill the vision she had in her heart and bring her vision to life.  


I have to offer up a shout out and an enormous thank you to our best friend Allison!  She shared John Mark Pantana with me at the very beginning of this journey and I listened on repeat in the studio all day...every day...until the very last page.  My studio was transformed into an atmosphere of joyful noise, diffused lavender, childlike faith, passionate prayer, and an unexpected invitation into a healing realm of possibility only a child can imagine.  


Christine’s first book isn’t just a children’s book, it’s a reminder to reconnect with the colorful world of love, friendship, trust, and believing for everything our hearts desire!  

Every purchase sows into a vision of healing for women that have had their childhood heart ripped from them...may they have all things new.  

My Dandelion Journey will be available November 2020, click on the link to find out more.