#06 Lost Maples State Natural Area, TX Original

#06 Lost Maples State Natural Area, TX Original

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From my April 2020 hand painted watercolor collection, 31 Days of Mini Paintings.  Each of these 4“x 4” ( approximate for originals) pieces were inspired by my favorite places I have visited around the world, they each hold very special meaning for me and my loved ones.  As I painted, beautiful memories rushed in my heart of the laughter, joy, hugs, meaningful conversations, and breathtaking views that were inspired by our Creator.  I hope a spark of inspiration springs forth in you as you enjoy your own piece of our blue jewel earth.

When the kids were little I used to load them up on Friday after school and head out camping...just us. For the better part of 10 years I setup our tent in the dark, I basically achieved master status at kid campground friendly setup (tv and DVD player included). Our favorite place to camp became Lost Maples State Natural Area, it was like we entered another world, gorgeous hills, lots of colorful Maple 🍁 Trees that found their way to Texas, crystal clear water, fireflies everywhere, stars filled the night sky, s’mores and campfires and cuddles, our little piece of heaven. Our most shocking memory was tarantula migrating season, who knew they migrate? 🤷🏻‍♀️ We awoke to no less than 100 on our tent, campsite, and picnic bench, lots of shrilling squeals all around. Our days were filled with hiking up the hills to take in the most breathtaking view below, having lunch atop the cliff with our feet dangling over the edge, skidding all the way down the steep rocky terrain and plunging into the cool creek water, watching the kids catch baby toads and crawl in the deep eroded crevices. What I wouldn’t give to have those days back again.

Hand painted with professional watercolors on archival quality 140lb (300gsm) 100% cotton acid-free watercolor paper, signed and dated.

Ships from San Antonio, Texas, USA, in a clear cello bag inside a thick flat mailer. 

The purchase of any Kymberli Sentner Art original or print does not transfer reproduction rights. 

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